Delta League
Delta League
Competition Swiss Cup 2018
Location Alpstein OGO 2018
Task Task 1
Task Date 26. May 2018
Pilot Daniela Iseli
Distance 70.81 km
Task Time

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Vali Log


Validating 2018-05-26-xct-dis-01.igc against Alpstein OGO 2018 Task 1 (26.05.18)
Inside Takeoff S00160 @ 12:20:56, Pilots Position 47°17'02.9"N 009°24'37.7"E, 144.05m from point
Outside Airstart waiting area B04084 @ 13:00:00, Pilots Position 47°17'44.2"N 009°25'45.8"E, 673.58m from point
Inside Airstart (entered start gate) B04084 @ 13:00:18, Pilots Position 47°17'50.8"N 009°25'55.2"E, 402.00m from point
Inside Turnpoint B28182 @ 14:23:45, Pilots Position 47°06'09.5"N 009°25'16.6"E, 4015.50m from point
Inside Turnpoint B27091 @ 15:02:10, Pilots Position 47°09'07.3"N 009°11'39.2"E, 4019.21m from point
Inside Turnpoint B23134 @ 15:24:41, Pilots Position 47°10'36.1"N 009°18'29.5"E, 1002.32m from point
Inside Turnpoint B01090 @ 16:20:00, Pilots Position 47°19'47.1"N 009°25'36.5"E, 497.44m from point
Flown distance: 70.81 km to 47°18'43.3"N 009°26'10.0"E

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Vali Log

Best file 2018-05-26-xct-dis-01.igc
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