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A small swissleague team of 6 met in Roldanillo to participate in the new British Winter Open. With the FAI Triangle site record broken both before and after the event, we were a bit unlucky with 2 of 7 tasks cancelled. Phil G. was able to put himself in the top ranking after a fast and furious Task1 where the last 8km to ESS proved to be very difficult as the Pacific Wind pushed in early and many topguns were left scratching and drifting with the wind. Unfortunately, Youri had to deal with a technical issue that forced him to land. The pace was set for more fast racing the next days with various creative task designs from race director Pal, including a large Enter cylinder on task 4 that send us on a valley crossing right after take-off to be able to race the convergence line in the east. Task 5 was also interesting with the weakest conditions all week and very little sun for our one-way race to Piedechinche. Task 6 was cancelled due to rain and the final task saw us flying a cylindrical 51km task around the Goal of Zarzal-Norte. I got anxious when realizing my good position after the last climb and left on a 16km glide to goal with 1:10 which did get me into ESS fast but I couldnt make goal and dropped in the overall. Nevertheless it feels great to be in front of the gaggel and I am super happy with my new equipment.
Congratulations to the winners Juan Sebastian Ospina and Kristy Cameron.
Overall a fantastic comp and good preparation for the coming season.
Swiss Pilots: Phil G (18th, Albino M. 39th, Philipp B. 46th, Youri P. 55th, Kevin P. 58th, Chris B. 88th)

06 February 2019, Philipp Bethge


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